Do you remember as a child, picking up a dried dandelion, blowing with your breath to make the seeds fly into the air and make a wish? When I look at a child, I see an image of this flower with its seeds spreading into the world surviving and flourishing anywhere. Because of this, some people see dandelions as a symbol of optimism and joy or simply as hope for something better to come. This also reminds me one of Maria Montessori's quote, "the child is both a hope and a promise for mankind".


Like dandelions, children are the smallest and most humble people, but they can be strong and powerful, and overcome challenges they will encounter throughout their lives. It is our responsibility, as parents or educators, to allow children to develop the necessary emotional skills to become strong, resilient and satisfied adults. Montessori and Positive Discipline are powerful tools to develop relationships based on mutual respect, personal responsibility, and problem-solving skills for successful living.


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