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    Give your child an     advantage that will last a lifetime. This will be the best investment in  your child’s future.


The Dandelions Montessori offers:

An in-home Montessori environment, carefully planned, including the use of Montessori materials, to allow your children to explore practical life, sensory perception, reading and writing abilities, mathematical skills, geographical areas, and elements of botany and zoology.

Trained teacher:

Skilled and experienced in child observation, instruction and encouragement with the Montessori Method and Positive Discipline.

A stimulating, constructive environment:

To encourage curiosity and develop building block skills and behaviors at this formative age.

Hands-on learning:

Focused on physical discovery, social interaction, work time and explorative sessions rather than constant direct instruction. This gives your child the confidence and the materials to satisfy their curiosity and develop independent skills they will carry into the future.

Attention to practical skills:

In developmental stages like preschool and kindergarten, it is important for your child to learn physical, practical skills as much as they gain educational knowledge. Your child becomes independent and responsible with everyday tasks. A competent, confident child will excel in continuing education and life.

Development of social skills:

To build children understanding of the courtesy, manners and social graces they will need in the future. 

Encouragement of creativity:

Discovery, imagination, curiosity and creativity are all crucial to children's development. Montessori approach encourages your children to explore, innovate and tap into the possibility of their potential.

Cognitive stimulation:

Young children should not simply be taught — they should be challenged and stimulated in a manner unique to their learning style and age. 

Encouragement of emotional expression:

To express and identify emotions to live healthy, communicative lives.

Parenting Support:

Enrolled  families have a chance to participate in the Parents Helping Parents Problem-Solving Steps Free Sessions. This Positive Discipline program provides experiential activities that reach the heart to inspire deeper understanding and change. Parents get specific help with real problem in a fun and effective way.  



Tanni Chakrabortty

This is the best place for children and Natalia is great. She has magic inside her for children. My daughter loves her home school.

Rajat Shuvro Roy

Natalia can work magic on kids. Since being with Natalia, we notice much lower temper tantrums at home. Totini has developed a lot of independence and focus. She can follow steps and breakdown any task into steps. And she loves learning!

Kara Bialostozky

My daughter has really flourished with Natalia at Dandelions Montessori. She loves going for walks, painting, cooking, and playing with her friends. She comes home happy everyday and tells me about her fun adventures. I feel the school is a place for her to be free, to express herself more independently, and to learn in a hand-on way everyday.

Anthony Smith

Mrs. Natalia is the best of all the preschool teachers I have met in my life.  She gives children peace of mind and self-confidence. And these qualities are the most important thing that a child needs to have to begin to learn and study anything in this world. Mrs. Natalia has the ability to see and reveal the talent of a child. In addition, Mrs. Natalia can and is willing to teach parents methods of building long-term interactions with the child.  By introducing those teachings into your life,  you will be surprised how many daily routine problems will disappear and how your seemingly small children will take responsibility. Just be prepared not to lower yourself in the eyes of your children later. 


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