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1-on-1 Positive Discipline Coaching

Increase your personal learning, effectiveness and fulfillment.

For parents who seek one-on-one help with a challenging problem.
Positive Discipline coaching is there to listen, give objective feedback and to support and encourage parents. Using specific skills in addition to experience, wisdom, and intuition to help parents achieve their goals as rapidly as possible. 

$65 1-hour session​

$190 Booking 3 sessions

Meet as needed, and as your schedule allows.

Home Design And Styling
With The Child In Mind

I can help you prepare a Montessori home environment

For families interested in creating a home environment where their child(ren) can develop independence while learning and acquiring skills that will last a lifetime.

I will help you to design and create a home environment with the child in mind.  A home that offers opportunities for the child to actively participate in a meaningful manner with specific activities, and daily routines with expectations put in place to create harmonious mutually participating surroundings.


An environment supporting the child's stage of development specific to coordination, concentration, independence, an order; in proportion to the child.

  • $300 6 hours​

  • $380 9 hours

  • $450 12 hours

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