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Hi!, My name is Natalia. In 2019, I opened a Montessori environment at my house to take care of my first dandelion, Totini. This is how The Dandelions Montessori Non-Profit began. Our organization has for mission to teach long-term parenting and the role of kindness and firmness in raising children​. The Dandelions Montessori is for parents and educators interested in learning the principles of the Positive Discipline and Montessori philosophies.   ​ The Dandelions Montessori aspires to give all children and families the opportunity to choose a Montessori and Positive Discipline education, regardless of economic or social condition, color, creed or national/ethnic origin. ​ If you are interested in knowing more about Montessori and Positive Discipline education, please contact me to set up a meeting so that together we can explore what I can do for you and your child.

Dandelions Montessori is such a wonderful and loving space for children! I am lucky enough to have my 6 and 4-year old daughters at this school, and I could go on-and-on about all of the amazing things about it. First and foremost, Natalia, the Owner/Educator, provides a loving and safe environment for kids to learn, explore, and grow independently. With her positive discipline and positive parenting education and background, I know that my children are being spoken to in a way that is kind, yet gives them the opportunity to absorb situations in a constructive and meaningful way. The Montessori method/program also focuses on independence, and our girls have thrived. The focus on learning activities in the morning has proven to give them confidence and independence, and they have learned a variety of language, math, and writing, not to mention they have picked up skills with sewing, music, and cooking. The children help Natalia prepare fresh lunches every day, which is almost entirely plant-based and extremely healthy. I wish I could get our girls to eat like that every day! They take two trips to the beach every week, which allows them to get exercise, appreciate the ocean, and explore our neighborhood without us (their parents), which has also has increased their confidence, independence, and sense for adventure! Our daughters are/were students during COVID, and Natalia has proven time-and-time again to be a calm, loving, and accommodating presence in our lives during a very challenging year. Again, I can't say enough about how magnificent Dandelions is! Brendan Nicholas

This is the best place for children and Natalia is great. She has magic inside her for children. My daughter loves her home school. Tanni Chakraborty

Natalia was my son's Primary teacher (i.e. 3-5 yo classroom) at a Montessori school in north county. When she left the school to start The Dandelions Montessori we were really sad. Then Covid happened and that school closed for a while, and we started taking my son to The Dandelions. What a god-send! My son went right back to his normal school routine, with the same materials and the teacher he loved so much. Natalia is an all-around wonderful educator. She is patient, organized, and nurtures the kids independence like no other. Make no mistake, The Dandelions is not some Montessori-style daycare. It's a proper school with a highly qualified and accredited teacher, that has all the proper setup and materials. My son has progressed so much in the last year it's mind-boggling. The attention he gets in this small setting is unmatched. The icing on the cake is the Positive Discipline aspect that works in tandem with the Montessori philosophy. It's good for the children, and good for the parents if you choose to attend Natalia's workshops. I can't recommend The Dandelions Montessori enough! Marc Grynberg

Mrs. Natalia is the best of all the preschool teachers I have met in my life.  She gives children peace of mind and self-confidence. And these qualities are the most important thing that a child needs to have to begin to learn and study anything in this world. Mrs. Natalia has the ability to see and reveal the talent of a child. In addition, Mrs. Natalia can and is willing to teach parents methods of building long-term interactions with the child.  By introducing those teachings into your life,  you will be surprised how many daily routine problems will disappear and how your seemingly small children will take responsibility. Just be prepared not to lower yourself in the eyes of your children later.  Anthony Smith

My daughter has really flourished with Natalia at Dandelions Montessori. She loves going for walks, painting, cooking, and playing with her friends. She comes home happy everyday and tells me about her fun adventures. I feel the school is a place for her to be free, to express herself more independently, and to learn in a hand-on way everyday. Kara Bialostozky

Natalia can work magic on kids. Since being with Natalia, we notice much lower temper tantrums at home. Totini has developed a lot of independence and focus. She can follow steps and breakdown any task into steps. And she loves learning! Rajat Shuvro Roy

6-Week Series
Parenting Classes
(15 hours)

Join parents like you for 6 weeks of parenting classes. Learn to discipline with firmness and kindness, have fun as a parent, and set the foundation for important social and life skills. Help your child feel a sense of belonging and significance through mutual respect and encouragement. Based on Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline books, these classes are a fun way to connect with other parents in the community and practice the skills over a few weeks so that you can go more in-depth with the material. ​ $175 per participant $270 per couple* * A couple can be any two people attending the class for the children in one household. Anyone interested in hosting a class can get one free enrollment when they get a minimum of 4 other people to register.


2, 4 sessions or 1-day (8 hours)

You will learn some tools you can use immediately to help with morning and bedtime hassles; understanding why kids do the thigs they do. Sibling conflicts; power struggles... ​ Respectful and effective tools to replace shouting, nagging, bribing or punishing. ​ $95 per participant $160 per couple* * A couple can be any two people attending the class for the children in one household. ​ Anyone interested in hosting a class can get one free enrollment when they get a minimum of 4 other people to register.


Parent/teacher groups
(2 hours)

Gather a group of friends at your home or office and I'll customize a class on topics of your choice at a time and location that works for everyone. ​ $30 per participant $50 per couple* * A couple can be any two people attending the class for the children in one household. ​ Anyone interested in hosting a class can get one free enrollment when they get a minimum of 4 other people to register.

This class has made my husband and I more of a team. We help each other and get less defensive when one of us points out a "mistake".

Forrest Gomez

Our son will be provided with invaluable life skills from these lessons. The bonus is that our relationship with him and each other will also flourish.

John Enyart

This program provides tools to deal with difficult situations. Excellent concepts to put into practice for building resiliency in children, learn how to be kind and firm and help our son become more independent.

Irvin Carlin